The Mandelprofi electric model is a tried and tested machine which combines sturdiness with high performance, simple operation and an extremely long service life, backed by a manufacturer's 12 months warranty.

The heat is the key to successful nut roasting. Through newly developed heating elements, a heat-resistant stainless steel reflector as well as ceramic insulation, you can achieve a production rate of 24 Kg per hour of finished nuts (based on manufacturer's recipe!) using little power.

This big electric machine is generally for indoor use.

Technical Data:

Dimension: 55 cm wide, 55 cm deep, 86 cm high
Weight: 75 kg
Frame and panelling: plastic coated extreme pressure steel
Colour: violet Ral 4005 or stainless steel
Cover: brushed stainless steel
Copper kettle: Volume 15 l
Mixer arm: chromium-plated steel housing
ball-bearing-supported chain gear
Mixer drive: 0,18 KW excess current switch 1.2 A
Kettle drive: 0,18 KW excess current switch 1,2 A
Electric heating: 4,95 KW infinitely variable by electronic thermostat
El. power value:
400 V, 3 x 16 A, 5,3 KW, 50 cps

1 agitator arm locking mechanism
2 agitator arm
3 kettle
4 electric switch for kettle rotation
5 electric switch for agitator arm rotation
6 electric main switch
7 gear motor - kettle
8 power cable
9 gear motor - agitator arm
10 fuse - heating element
11 switch - heating element
12 temperature control
13 LED heater control (green)
14 LED stand by mode (yellow)


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