Our counter-top popcorn machines produce fresh, hot and delicious popcorn in less than 90 seconds. The aroma of freshly cooked popcorn is irresistible to others. A compact machine suitable to be located in any place situated inside. Specially designed for bars, kiosks, pubs, shops and other.
  • Business without competition.
  • World-wide novelty machine.
  • Very compact dimensions.
  • Suitable to be located in any place.
  • Do not need collection.
  • It incorporates a countable book-keeper accumulation.
  • Consumable exclusive.
  • Sale of the popcorn at the point where the machine is located.
  • Visible display for the consumer.

Our popcorn machines are a profitable business : they are easy to maintain, due to its hot air cooking system ; fresh popcorn has always been a very popular snack and you can obtain high profits.

The counter top model is ideal for placing in shops, bars or clubs. It is inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Rust preventive treatment and epoxy paint finish.
  • Worldwide novelty.
  • Side tray to place one dose of corn.
  • The corn is automatically prepared when the tray is closed.
  • Preparation time is less than 90 seconds.
  • Choice of flavours.
  • Weight ; 17 kilos.
  • Small size 22 x 41 x 46.5 cm fits almost anywhere.
  • Irresistible aroma of fresh popcorn.

Simple to Use: The corn charge door on the right side of the machine is opened. The chosen flavour emptied inside the corn charge door, by closing the lid, popcorn is prepared automatically. And while they wait for the popcorn they ask for a drink. Always freshly done and without oil or fats!

Only Hot Air. No cleaning, and No Mess. An attractive plug in machine unit able to deliver at a momentís notice; right in front of the customer only by demand; saving wastage and increasing profits. The smell and sound of popping corn, presents a unique point of sale to the customer at a fair price for everybody, that brightens up and makes profitable your place.

The Flavour is in the Corn. No need for salt shakers, or add on condiments. The flavour is in the corn. No wastage.

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