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·        2 Drawers + 1 Storage drawer

·        Each drawer holds between 16 – 20 Potatoes

·        Top storage area holds up to 32 potatoes

·        Black painted finish

·        Ideal for outside catering & trailer market

·        Cooks approx 120 potatoes in one sitting

Please note: Potato holding count is based on potatoes weighing between 500-600g

Model No. PO20 –LPG Gas Potato Oven Dimensions: (W x D x H) 500x700x950mm

Rating: 14,672 Btu/hr/hr  (4.3KW)

Weight 74kg
Price: £795 + vat
Free Delivery
12 months warranty

REMEMBER!! All gas equipment needs to be installed by a Gas Safe qualified engineer.

 ·         Gas Connection Hose for LPG Gas Ovens Price £75 + vat


Ideal for cafes, bakery, canteen, fish and chip shops, pubs and snack bar sites

Available in stainless steel and in three traditionally themed colours to allow you to create effective merchandising, the potato station comes complete with glass display screen menu board for either back bar or front counter sitting, decorated with an attractive motif.


  • 30 Baked Potato capacity
  • Unique design, the first of its kind on the market
  • An efficient potato oven producing 15 baked potatoes every hour
  • Illuminated warmer keeping 15 more baked potatoes hot and ready to serve
  • Two pot BAIN MARIE for delicious hot fillings
  • Up to 3 litres of hot sauces
  • Available in stainless steel or choice of colours.
  • Useful built in work surface
  • Compact in size, ideal for smaller establishments or where space is at a premium
  • Less than 2Kw electricity required
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 41cm x 45cm footprint
  • 1 deep tray


Model Width Height Depth Weight Capacity Power electric plug
Potato Station  Potato Oven 410
(720 Screen)
15 x 250gm per batch plus 15 in illuminated warmer. 1kw (oven)
515w (warmer)
13amp Socket
Price: £895 + vat Free Delivery Electric - Available in Black, Green or Stainless Steel with Glass Menu Board
Price: £849 + vat Free Delivery Electric - Available in Black, Green or Stainless Steel without Glass Menu Board


Built to meet the demands of progressive catering establishments, the Bakemaster is an attractive, highly efficient convection oven with the bright clean lines of stainless steel on both the exterior and interior.

Perfect for modern, busy eateries, it has a cooking capacity of 60 x 250gm potatoes per hour. Add to this a large hothold illuminated show cabinet with a toughened glass door and window to display the delicious baked potatoes to customers. Like any conventional convection oven, the Bakemaster will also bake pies, pasties, pizza and bread, giving you the versatility to offer a range of foods to your customers.

With an easy to clean stainless steel interior, removable shelf supports and large radius corners, this oven is designed to make life as easy as possible. The twin fans and elements ensure efficient distribution of heat and even, uniform cooking.

    • 120 Potato baking capacity
    • Thermostat to 300°
    • On/Off switch
    • Large heated, illuminated display cabinet
    • Supplied with removable easy load trays
    • Twin fans
    • Built for commercial use
    • 13 amp supply
    • Ideal counter-mounted or back bar
    • Toughened double-glazed oven door
    • Single phase power supply
    • No installation costs
    • Thermostaticaly controlled
    • 2 hour timer
    • Easy to clean stainless steel oven


Model Width Height Depth Weight Capacity Power electric plug
Bakemaster Convection Twin Fan Oven 660
60 x 250gm per batch plus hot hold cabinet 3kw
13amp Socket
Price: £995 + vat Free Delivery Electric - Available in Stainless Steel
Price: £1,125 + vat Free Delivery Electric - Available in Black, Green with Brass Embellishments

Probably the most admired baked potato oven available, offering the most practical use of space and great merchandising value in a traditional design, with solid black enameled castings that are still traditionally made in the same way as they were over 200 years ago.

Three long-life elements allow even cooking without hot spots. The cooking capacity is 30 x 250gm potatoes with an independently heated and illuminated display cabinet that holds a further 30 ready to serve baked potatoes. The heated display cabinet has all-round visibility - vital for effective merchandising. As testament to its value, 200 queen Victoria potato ovens were purchased by one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, and over 200 ovens by a restaurant chain in France.

QueenVictoriaPotatoOvendoor open

  • 60 Potato capacity
  • Heated ceramic tiled top provides a valuable space-efficient plate warmer
  • Stainless steel ensures easy cleaning and durability
  • Insulated for greater efficiency
  • Low energy usage – under 2Kw
  • Toughened glass display cabinet
  • Solid brass fittings and kettle steam outlet
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life elements
  • Probably the most attractive potato baking oven ever built.
  • Heated and illuminated display
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 43cm x 43cm footprint
  • Attractive solid castings
  • 2 deep removable trays


Model Width Height Depth Weight Capacity Power electric plug
Queen Victoria Potato Baking Oven 430
30 x 250gm per batch plus 30 in warming cabinet 1.5kw (Oven)
275w (Warmer)
13amp Socket
Price: £1,325+ vat Free Delivery Electric -




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